Consciousness Conspiracy

…The body is a biological computer, it has the ability to think for itself. It is not just reacting to data in the way it is programmed to react to data. It has the ability to think for itself, certainly up to a point…And the key level of the conspiracy is to make us believe that we are the computer and thereby forget that we are that which works through the computer i.e. CONSCIOUSNESS.David Icke Live in Melbourne 2016 1:05:13

At the MGT Institute for Consciousness we teach Consciousness Exploration, which amounts to self-exploration.

Learn to manage consciousness

Becoming fully conscious of being consciousness means to discover who or what you really are. Then it becomes possible to learn to manage consciousness, which is senior to the logical mind and involves the heart or intuition.

Consciousness requires knowledge of and further exploration of inner as well as outer space. See

Caspar de Nada von Bigera

Consciousness Dualities

Direct knowledge

Right Brain


Recognition of faces
Read & Express emotions

Data based knowledge

Left Brain


Music- Melody
Critical thinking
Black & White

UBUNTU Contributionism Academy. Why?

Both the MGT Institute and UBUNTU Contributionism are all about consciousness. If the level of consciousness were such that men are aware of their mutual dependence and intricate relationships, we would have had an Ubuntu society already long ago.

First of all, the MGT Institute provides Consciousness Technology. We offer the UBUNTU Contributionism Academy as a meeting point and a calm and pleasant atmosphere to study.

From our studies in consciousness and noetics we learnt two things:

Understanding precedes action

The Ubuntu Contributionism Academy is founded on that principle. Part of the idea is just carefully analyzing and viewing information first to make better, more accurate decisions.

But information is relayed through language and understandings are transmitted through words and phrases. Thus a single misunderstood word or phrase can potentially throw one off track. A vague grasp of an idea or concept can often be traced to a lack of precise definitions, as Michael Tellinger pointed out in the textbook of Ubuntu Contributionism.

We have specialized techniques of clearing up definitions of terms to avoid falling into these pitfalls. Many people never learned to study in school or on the contrary were convinced they couldn’t .

Full understanding however can be achieved.

We also  learnt the importance of :

Balancing theory and practice

Once one has grasped the theory clearly the way is free for the action stage. Thus we integrate a degree of practice in our courses that ensures the correct balance. There are even different levels of practice the first level consists of exercises, this is also advised in the Ubuntu Contributionism textbook.

The next level of practice is no longer a matter of things that can be done in an Academy. For this level we offer Local Project Facilitation.

This begins with a full workout and planning for the local scene, community, village etc. We apply the small-step-progression principle and we are there to coach the implementation of the planning steps along the way. When a ‘stop’ or what appears to be a huge barrier or problem occurs we are there to assist overcoming it.

Caspar de Nada-von Bigera




Proof of God

If there is a part there is a whole

If the part is complete it is a whole.

If the part is a whole there must be a whole of wholes

Thus doG exists.

Short version

If there is a part there is a whole

The whole we call God

Imagination must be present…

Imagination is the powerful ability of the human mind to envision a different state or condition from what is already manifested.

Imagination must be present in order to create
 a different state of existence than the one
currently being experienced.

For a different state to manifest in the physical world it must first exist in the mind. If the imagination is stifled or destroyed (total mind control) any positive change to our state of existence becomes completely impossible.

The existing scene on earth is one of mankind struggling with itself, with poor organization, science and technology, earthquakes, organized exploitation (slavery), suppression, criminality and wars.

to create a better scene, let’s imagine A FREE SPACE

We need a free space to be free, we need free beings
to create and maintain a free space.

A FREE SPACE (click for pdf)


by Caspar de Nada von Bigera, Ph. E.

In a free space there are no borders fixed
there is plenty of space for every individual to have
her own royaume and be the principal royal.

An individual in free space is fully entitled to
create or imagine anything and everything
and be, do and have abundantly.

In free space the truth is not withheld.
There are no arbitrary controls and
there is no coercion in free space

There is no domination in free space.
Free space can be orderly, without legalities, or taxation,
it being under auspices of free and responsible beings.

Free and responsible beings, follow their own purposes
and decide by and for themselves whether to enter
or leave a game or agreement or not.

One is free to move in free space.
All live there on the basis of understanding
with free will to play with cause and effect.

Inhabitants are aware of each other,
envisioning possible contributions to others.
deciding what to do on their own and in communities

There is no scarcity in free space
individuals and/or communities are free to provide
free water, food, energy, holistic cures, shelter and knowledge

Education is the exploration
of innate creative potentials, encouraging discovery,
acquiring and developing knowledge and skills

Free space will stay free as long as
those who live in free space keep it free
and are free to leave others free.

‘The price of freedom is responsibility and eternal vigilance’.
Thomas Jefferson & Elbert Hubbard


If on the 13th of September the dollar would collapse, even then it is not too late to realize that money is created by people and that the real value lies with the people.

Most people are educated to believe that money is needed for a society to function–the contrary is true.

Money, as well as economy, is an idea based on the assumption of scarcity coupled with the inability to see the abundance all around us.

Money is the invented trick by rulers and banksters (royals and co) to divide people in competing factions of haves and not-haves. Those who have an abundance and those who suffer scarcity.

People live together naturally in a cooperative way and love to contribute in the absence of arbitrary laws designed by those aspiring to govern over their fellow men.

People’s contributions and creative actions are the real value and people can have anything they want.

Stay calm and remember this when the financial systems crash and leave the panic to the banksters! Ubuntu!